Your Blood Group And How It Affects Your Treatment Of Diseases, Food Choices And Fertility

Blood is life and very unique.

We have 4 blood groups which are; O, A, B, and AB.


Blood group O

This is the oldest of all the blood groups. Also, don’t forget that the oldest people were hunters, so the only food available for people of old is meat. That is why people with blood group 0 do well on meat. unfortunately, organic and free-range meats are no more readily available and most of the meats consumed today are unhealthy due to the indiscriminate use of hormones and antibiotics.

Therefore, we should avoid eating red meat because of the presence of saturated fats which can lead to the growth of Fibroid,  Cancer, cardiovascular problems, etc.

You can eat lean meat (internal organs of meat) They contain low cholesterol.

Group O has the highest amount of stomach acid ( dilute HCl) than other blood groups. For instance, have you ever noticed that you and your husband ate the same food and it makes your stomach upset you while it didn’t do anything to him? Especially if he is group O and you are not.

This is because his stomach acid was able to withstand the toxins in the food than yours. As a blood group O person, avoid any acidic food totally and completely to get rid of diseases and fibroid easily.

For blood group O carrier to completely deal with infertility issues the person needs to first detoxify by using a strong detoxifier that will be able to handle the concentration of stomach acid in them. They don’t tend to respond to treatment quickly like other blood types this is because they need enough Alkaline Food to be able to respond to treatment quickly.

A larger percentage of people in Africa are of blood type O

Blood Group A

They are called vegetarians because they do well on plant protein than blood type O.

They are more sensitive than blood group 0.
Perhaps you have already noted that when you eat red meat, you feel sluggish and less energized than when u eat vegetable protein. The reason for the difference is stomach acid.

For type A to effectively treat Fibroid, infertility issues, or other health challenges, they need treatment that is alkaline too but not as much as type O

As a blood group A too just like group O, avoid acidic content food or fruit as it can damage your less muscular digestive tract and may lead to burning or irritation of the digestive tract.


Blood Group B

They can be described as unique and sometimes of chameleon-like characteristics. As a result of this, they have a normal concentration of stomach acid (isotonic Solution) in them. The people in this group are very responsive to the environment: E.g, you can be in a particular location and respond to a particular treatment well but get to another geographical location and the outcome will be the other way round, although, this occurs in most cases.

According to research, type B are usually able to resist many of the most severe diseases common to modern Life,  like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc
Just think of B as standing for balance- between A and O.

As a result of this, we have all said, you may see some people who are type B  taking a natural remedy and it will work fast for them and they will see results but others with other blood types will be thinking they have offended God. No
Notwithstanding, if you have not seen any change despite the treatment taken, It may be because you have not taken the Right thing.


Blood Group AB

This is the youngest of all blood types and biologically complex. It doesn’t fit comfortably into any of the others. It may have characteristics like A and B in that AB do not produce enough stomach acid.

To fight fibroid and infertility in type AB, they need enough food with HDL (high-density Lipoprotein) which are found in whole grains and nut.

Note that Type A, B, and AB should avoid smoked or cured meats totally.
These foods can cause stomach cancer in people with a low level of stomach acid.






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